Why Buy in Greece?

Beautiful View of Mediterranean Seascape

Why Buy in Greece?

With the big changes that have taken place in the Greek economy over the past six years, it is certainly a buyers’ property market.

The time is ripe to buy a property in Greece: the buyer gains a worthwhile property investment while enjoying a Mediterranean climate and a relaxing lifestyle in an idyllic landscape. The seller is able to better serve their immediate and longer term needs, contributing to the growth of the Greek economy.

The huge foreign investment in the country also makes this the perfect time to buy in Greece, with an influx of investment pouring in from technology and tourism companies, banks, industry and agriculture. This means that as Greece comes out of recession, property prices will rise and your perfect home abroad will also become a perfect nest egg. Property in Greece is forecast to rise significantly in the coming years, meaning there has never been a better time to put down roots or buy a holiday retreat abroad.

Being and remaining a member of the EU is an advantage; it is this that has enabled and continues to enable foreign investment and makes it extremely easy for British citizens to buy property and land in Greece.

It is true that the recession has hit the country hard, and it has not been an easy time for the Greek people. Yet the Greeks are known for being an incredibly resilient and proud nation. It is also true that out of every crisis there is great opportunity. With economic recovery on the horizon, the time is ripe to buy in Greece, to become part of a friendly community and experience a better quality of life, at a fraction of the cost of living at home.

There is no doubt that the true qualities of Greece have withstood far more troublesome times, and will endure long after the economic crisis has been forgotten. Its richness of beauty, its deep and influential history, the culture, the openness of the people, the love of life despite its difficulties – all these remain intact; they are qualities as immortal as the gods.